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Jonah Naghi
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Twenty-seven years ago, the Kurds of Iraq experienced the most horrific event of their peoplehood: The Anfal Campaign; an assault that many have considered to be genocide. On March 16, 1988, Sadaam Hussein’s troops invaded and used poison gas on the Kurds in their region. The most deadly attack of... Continue reading
The moment I stepped inside I heard the most powerful sound of all: Silence. I was overwhelmed. It was no ordinary silence. It was silence that was saying something, that this was a sacred place and I should be silent to respect it. I felt as if the power of... Continue reading
I had always taken refugees for granted. Whenever I heard of a refugee crisis I would, of course, feel sympathy, but I never fully comprehended the difficulty of being a refugee. However, thanks to my course, "Refugee's Mental Health: Global and Local Perspectives," where we learn about the challenges and... Continue reading
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Feb 26, 2015