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Interests: Who Are Kidults? Kidult, a handy abbreviation of the terms kid and adult combined, is a grown-up caring about his inner child. Kidults are fun and playful individuals with a desire to always live young and feel young. They like watching cartoons on a Saturday night, gulping down gummy bears and strawberry milkshakes. They are proud LEGO collectors who are more than willing to compete with little kids for the latest Simpsons mini-figures. They would go crazy after the new Batman Adventures action figure that just came out. It doesn’t mean they are immature and refuse to grow up. Kidults are responsible adults who seek to have a little fun in their lives, who are still young at heart. kidult world cover page Growing Number of Kidults Worldwide German business magazine Deutsche Welle estimated that over 20% of all toys purchased in Germany were bought by grown-ups for their own use. Kidults in Korea have created a $50 million industry in the country according to a recent Korea Herald report. Sales of radio-controlled toys for grown-ups have skyrocketed by 95% from just a year ago on Auction, a popular Korean online shopping mall. According to Euromonitor, toys targeting the age of 20 and up accounted for more than 23% of all toy sales in Japan. Another Euromonitor International survey suggests that the grown-up toy segment represents between 5% to almost 25% of the toy market in many developed and middle-income economies. The number of toy purchases from the grown-ups, Kidults, is definitely on the rise. Furthermore, there are a number of successful toy fairs targeting Kidults, being held in Asia. Hong Kong Toys and Game Fair features a category exhibits, called “Kidult World”, showcasing an array of action figures, airsoft guns, board games, collectables, hobby products, mechanical toys, and miniature vehicle models. Kidult & Hobby Expo in Seoul, Korea in the beginning of this year was a huge success, attracting hundreds of Kidults nationwide, and their next event will be held in August this year at Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, in the southern part of the country. Kidult Hobby ExpoKidult Hobby ExpoKidult Hobby Expo More about Kidult & Hobby Expo → Visit here Kidult Toy Market – Still Small But With Huge Potentials With the current population growing older, more and more adults have disposable income to spend on their hobbies and leisure activities, such as collecting LEGO and action figures. Assuming the current population trends continue, the toy segment for Kidults will continue to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. Yet the grown-up toy segment’s market share still remains on average below 10% of the total toy market. This segment represents a large untapped consumer base and huge profit potential. Especially for online toy retailers, kidult toy market is definitely the segment they should invest heavily in. There are virtually no online toy retailer targeting the grown-up hobbyists and selling products tailored to the tastes and interests of Kidults, although this number is expected to grow in the near future. While many Kidults struggle searching through thousands of online toy websites to find suitable products for their wants and needs,, featuring a wide variety of products targeting only Kidults, is the ultimate destination for them. Kidult World is one of the few, perhaps the first and only online kidult toy store offering a wide range of products including RC cars, LEGO, board games, plastic models, action figures and collectible toys. As the first online kidult store, we feel responsible for helping every kidult out there to relive youth and rekindle their childhood memories. We believe Kidult World will bring the very best and fulfill your everlasting dreams of the childhood inside of you.
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Mar 3, 2015