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Joy Lewis
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Ive just gotten my 8th rose petal and am done not playing this challenge anymore - it is pointless
Come on guys this just isnt funny at all Ive had rose petals chairs then rose petals SEVEN times now. The game is stuck in a loop - how on earth are we supposed to finish it when it is like this - with 2 days to go, and all for pins that are temporary anyway. How about you just finish EVERYONE who is participating and give us the prizes anyway and there is no hope in hell that I am going to finish it - many people in my co op have already quit it and Im about to as well. The bonus sunshine is pointless as well !! I am done and very tempted to just stop playing all together - get it right. How about you fix the glitches and problems and open up the Light house instead of pushing pointless challenges on to us!!
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Mar 5, 2015