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Thanks for the poll. The numbers that caught my eye: Sanders loses to Scott Walker by 8, and Clinton loses the same matchup by 4. Not great for either, but also not so bad against the strongest performing Republican in a red-leaning state. Among the more interesting tidbits: Since PPP's last North Carolina poll in late May, Sanders has gained two points in a head-to-head contest with Walker, while Clinton has lost four. And consider this: In the Sanders-Walker matchup, 23% of 2012 Obama voters are undecided, while only 15% of 2012 Romney voters remain undecided. In the Clinton-Walker matchup, there are fewer undecided voters, and among those the Romney voters outnumber Obama voters 3 to 1. This suggests Sanders has more room to grow in a general election than Clinton. Clinton has a -16% net favorability among North Carolina voters, while Sanders has the highest favorability rating of all the Democrats running at -3%. Sanders' favorability has improved from -7 in the May poll, while Clinton's has dropped a point from -15. Perhaps most surprisingly, given Sanders' left-wing image, Sanders scores much stronger favorability numbers than Clinton among Independents and Republicans.
For the democratic primary for president do not include Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, or any other person who has not made serious moves toward running. Poll Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley in general election match ups against top republicans. For senate, ask democrats if they want to see kay hagan run in 2016. Poll Hagan as well as Jeff Jackson, Grier Martin, Dan Blue, and Tom Ross against Republican nominees. For a wildcard, try reverend William Barber against Burr as well. As for issues, ask North Carolinians if they support: fracking, legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, fast-track authority for the transpacific partnership, a minimum wage hike, redistricting reform
I'd like to see former congressman Brad Miller included in your next poll. Seems like a likely candidate considering he has nothing to lose by running.
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Mar 6, 2015