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Thanks Roz, this is very helpful. (And I did get a copy of Aristides's book)
Roz, his remark about not enjoying the physical act of painting until he started doing the abstract work truly resonated with me too. I have never enjoyed the physical process of painting either, and I thought I must be totally weird. It is laborious to me and has never been what I would call fun. Maybe a labor of love is the best I can come up with. So I was especially happy to hear him say that because I have never heard anyone say that before.
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Roz, I was not acquainted with the work of John Harris. Normally I have no interest in fantasy or science fiction illustration, but on his site is the short film about his Secret History of the Earth series of paintings. These are among the most beautiful and moving abstract paintings I have ever seen. Thanks so much for your post and the link.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2016 on Landscape Inspirations at Roz Wound Up
One more thing: W&N does not show this paper on their site (even in the UK) so that raised questions in my mind. However, the Art Supply Warehouse site description and pictures are quite specific, so I decided it was worth a try to order some.
Roz, There is a shop in California (Art Supply Warehouse) that sells the W&N 90 lb hot pressed paper. I've never ordered from them (until now, ordered 10 sheets), but their prices and UPS shipping costs appear reasonable. They also offer graduated quantity discounts. Here is a link: I'm looking forward to trying it.
Thank you Roz for your commentary as it helps me considerably. There are so many choices I could see myself spending way more time testing papers than actually producing any art. I had not considered the Fabriano as I assumed it would have the same problem as the Arches, so I am glad you cleared that up. I have already bound one book with 500 Series Bristol plate, and just did a text block this afternoon with the 500 Series Multimedia. I'll do a Fabriano HP and between the three I think I will find one (or two?) that work for me.
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Mar 9, 2015