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I had the same experience as the girl in the article. Except that my parents didn't pull me out of school. I went to one of the "stark" Bais Yakov schools and the subject of careers was so taboo, that is was not even discussed. I mean, here at least they though being an accountant was appropriate. My school balked at the thought of any college and it was a no-no. I would never in a million years dream of writing in a school essay that I wanted to become a doctor. It would be a great way to ruin my reputation and lose my social status. As an example, I recall a twelfth grade teacher telling us: "So I hear about this girl who wants to become a PA. What kind of business is this?? Let her become a PA to her children!" Whatever. But I do fear for the loss the frum community is sustaining because of this. The girls are very bright and talented and are being shuffled into careers that are suitable for the kollel lifestyle - that is the determining criterion. It's never about the girls' dreams or how their potential can be fulfilled. It's always about being an "ezer" and helping the husband fulfill HIS dreams and potential. As for me, I will be starting medical school this August. I will definitely give to the community if the opportunity comes my way. But the bitterness still lingers.
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Mar 17, 2015