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Traci Woolard
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You nailed it on the head! OMWord some of the things I see 'newbies' asking for or expecting because Jane Doe got 'x,y,z'. Now yes, I DO have a smaller loss of organ fee than, I feel comfortable saying it, most. W/out pulling my contract out now to make certain, I do know that it is $5,000 or less. My 1st surrobabe is almost 7yrs old now, and what the "package" was, was the basics. I'm sure surro's could have asked for more, but I know 8yrs ago when I was negotiating mine, it was rarely done. Now it seems to be a given that many coming into it are going to try and see just how far they can take it. Not all of them are like this, but over the last 2yrs, I'm seeing it more and more and would venture to say that over 60% are asking/demanding for more than just the basics.
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Mar 23, 2015