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Jodi, I'm glad to see you formalize an answer to the question of the difference between fascism and populism (as posed to you at the 2011 conference on the Communist idea). On the topic of indigenous peoples, I agree with your disagreements with Klein. Not only are her comments racist (intent aside) but they also are the very logic used in "the erection of new walls" as Zizek calls it. My question for you is, given your recent engagement with Bruno Bosteels, what are your thoughts on "The Indigenous Question". As you no doubt are aware, Bosteels is critical of Zizek and others who fail to address this question (although, Bosteels' dismissal of Zizek's condemnation of Morales was perhaps a bit unfair). Have you read any of Álvaro García Linera's writing? I know that Bosteels draws heavily on him in the final chapter of "The Actuality of Communism" (and "Plebian Power" was just published in English). Or do you have a different approach? Thank You, Ryan P.S. It seems that much of your critique of Klein can be summarized in Mao's statement that "There are contradictions among the people". The former seems to offer an almost naive binary opposition between communities and businesses/corporations.
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