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Liam Randall
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Stewart, I really appreciate the dialogue you and Derek are exchanging- he's an incredibly deep thinker and I look forward to everyone else finding out what a special team we really have over here. In regards to the specifics of the Critical Stack Intel Marketplace I will chime in on what I perceive as a misunderstanding. It is exactly the issues you raise that we are transparently empowering network operators to decide for themselves which set of feeds they choose to trust. Each feed operator manages, creates and runs their feeds with dramatically different policies and procedures. Specifically, our client solves a separate but related problem- it streams the intelligence down to the sensors in realtime making it actionable. We additionally give feed consumers the ability to whitelist items if they feel necessary. The reality is that for many organizations "bad" itself is a matter of policy. Take one of our fact based feeds- a live streaming feed of TOR exit nodes. Is TOR bad on your specific network? My response would be, I don't know, is it? On a large open university network probably not; on a federal network perhaps it is "bad." V/r, Liam Randall
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Apr 1, 2015