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Steffan Beck
Costa Rica
Interests: Hospitality, Travel, Leisure, Service Trends
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Greetings Mr. Marriott, I do understand and find it incredibly interesting how tastes and preferences vary among the different Generations from what colors to use as to the shapes and sizes each room must provide for their utmost comfort. I do believe however, that it goes more in hand with what the brand envisions than what the guest's generation is from (of course there are exceptions) but when guests of all ages think about the brand they are thinking about the representation that brand provides and something that this new Generation Y and even Millenials entering the Market show their need to share their experiences and status with their peers. So when thinking about whether or not there is an absence of color simply goes hand in hand with what the brand is providing. Guests that want to be seen as elegant and dignified would rather have the minimalist approach of different black tones as the J.W. Marriott provides. If the guest would rather have a more explosive and colorful environment they would head to a Residence Inn, where their fun and active personality reflects the warmth and care they provide with their red-wine like color the brand holds. At least that is my perception and I must say that although some color might provide a warmer environment it should maintain the elegance and class Marriott has always provided me. Best regards, Steffan Beck
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2015 on Where's the Color? at Marriott on the Move
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Apr 15, 2015