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I'm in favor of levity when/where appropriate. Satire, Mr. Weinlick is inappropriate, unacceptable and has no place on a Job Search/Advise website. Your post sir, is offensive to the millions of unemployed who struggle just to survive while seeking gainful employment. Sir, may I point out that dedication, not ATS game playing (satirical or otherwise) is required to remain positive and continue a job search day after day despite the odds. The ratio of applicants to job opportunities to an unemployed person, is much like the odds of winning the Lotto. Add to this the dreaded ATS and the most positive individual may have feelings of despair. I understand and appreciate HR departments are not and have not had immunity against increased workloads despite personnel reductions. The ATS was/is intended as a helpful tool to reduce the workload and streamline the resume selection process. However, there is no denying the ATS, even with technological improvements, is grievously flawed in a number of ways although I will site only one. Not everyone has the ability to create a powerful, attention grabbing resume and cover letter despite having stellar qualifications. Studies have shown, a poorly qualified applicant with a nicely crafted resume may make the top 15-25% selected for further review, where as a highly qualified candidate may fall victim to the black hole. The dreaded ATS is keyword driven, individuals are not computers, qualifications may be reflected in a resume, yet done so without using the sometimes elusive/magical keyword(s) and/or not enough of them. So Mr. Weinlick, may I respectfully suggest that you leverage your satirical skills via a different forum, not here where your remarks may be taken very seriously and the risk offending your audience is nearly guaranteed. Maybe instead you can recommend improvements to the ATS such as eliminating the black hole phenomenon, maybe through automatic notification of non-selected applicants as well as the reason(s) for their non-selection (real reason). In addition, maybe a function allowing applicants to request/receive feedback on the shortcomings of their resume, providing a learning opportunity for applicants to revisit/update and improve their resume. That sir is what a dedicated individual looks like, your satire, in real life, does not paint a picture of a dedicated potential employee. It does however, paint a picture of an employer that is inept and applicants are best avoiding at all costs. This can quickly ruin the reputation and standing of a company. In closing, if your article above is an indication of what Beyond stands for and will be offering in the future, you may wish to fore warn your CEO, Rich Milgram as well as your Manager of Brand Communications Gina Deveny, so they can formulate/strategize damage control.
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Apr 16, 2015