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Hood Canal/Silverdale, Washington
Prof/technical training, farmer market grower, overseas development specialist.
Interests: Horticulture/growing, economic geography/history, travel, photography.
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Good pencil, thanks.
Re: A lot of people die every day of a variety of causes. This virus is a reaper that culls the population, eliminating the weak and the old. The great majority of healthy, productive people survive infection with little or no apparent effect. The last or only time this brushed me was with polio in Detroit in the 50's. Following your "re-open the country, all of it" swimming pools and Belle Isle would never have been closed would have remained open in August and September to allow nature to thin-out Detroit's/the country's weakest. That's your C19 call as I read it.
Given with all the mickymouse going on..I'd go with "just sits." Justa nice bit of reflectioning/writing. Thanks, ted
96 Senate votes for Socialism..not a single vote against. Democratic socialism/call it what you will, comes to the rescue of Democratic capitalism. As for 2 Trillion (and ciunting!) ... Congress/POTUS are putting it on our and our kids CCs. The buggers in Congress have drilled an election financing hole (in only a week 10 days!) that makes Citizen United look like pocket change. PS: If Nancy wanted to sink Biden she got it done. Just who she has in mind I can only guess but I'd bet good money it's not Bernie. The "old lady" knew two things "going in." One: that before it was over Hunter would be front and center. And Two: her chance was weak to none that she could get McConnell to call up witnessess in the Senate. Just where she and the Dems go from here is her/their problem. Appologies for the sour note. Stay well all, ted
Pat thanks for the remembrances the Chet Baker and Julie London pieces are untarnished gold.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2020 on Happy Valentine's Day! at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Gradual, tentative, conditionally, proof test period = 7 days...IMO more gypse talk for the hard of hearing. What are the odds that next year this time the combined troop and contractor numbers in Afghanistan will be in the multiple Ks?
Bingo..Pat. Neocon kabuki is back for a run. Rats. Can the US budget support the realities of Belt to World China? Or have we already been sucked in?
Vet, Respectfully: "The Afghanistan Invasion was necessary." MIC-Cold War Kool-aid talk, come on, you're better than that.
Soban's "far left" opinion it goes. For me Matt Taibbi and his dad wear 12s
Good on you Diana..well spent time indeed.
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2019 on Crossing the Line by Fred at Sic Semper Tyrannis
"....they don’t wish to admit that the drones are Iranian-made and were able to dodge the radars that are deployed in the region...." Incoming cloaking or dodging seems to be central given our/Israeli silence re publishing (surface or stelllite) telemetry. Perhaps it doesn't matter..diversion or not. That the Aramco installation got seriously ripped I suspect does. lAC does anyone have a clue if Aramco itself or under DOD contract posess "the best" 24/7active air defence cover whatevers?
Gypse King has still got (us-a) by the short hair. Lets see if he will comit the USAF-DOD to "dome" Aramco? Ie one has to (a) wonder if DOD has more of its eggs (or MIC head) in the offensive or defensive basket and (b) where the Rational Actor Model fits in
The stcrict enforcement of a Made In America for all US GOV and private contractor defence and security purchases to include component parts and leaseholds. A Made In America policy similar to/not unlike that for WW2 aircraft purchases.
Mahi-Mahi (dolphinfish) and Mako (shark)
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2019 on Tuna Steaks tonight at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Fair enough..and the end isn't in sight.
Okay, I'll bite. Reads like a BBC Masterpiece Theater starter .. K Street marionette masters vs the St Petersburg Street nomes. Do I get a prize?
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2015 on Comments on Sanders at Sic Semper Tyrannis
That N is bought and paid for has never been a question..not to waste space on. N has his own issues. Oh hum .. S is for good cop bad cop string puller theater. Punt.
I guess I'm missing something re SA's air/land Yemen adventures (ie) WDC/Seven Sisters' fingerprints. I guess it's possible enough that Jeddah/Salman sucked it out of old Faisal's hookah?
Bill, yes .. surely post WW2 the number of mercenaries (w/wo insignias) have increased by at least a couple of magnitudes. The growth in private MIC, Corporate, protection "services" are there to be seen...way beyond the armed guards posted at bank entrances. The troubling thought is that any number of "un FOIA able" government agencies very well may have private black ops/contractor corps to supplement MIC mayhem whatevers/wherevers.
WRC, thanks for the thought/s.. Re "GLOBALIZED WORLD....they cannot hopscotch forever." Fair enough. I'd push "hopscotching forever" to "hopscotching themselves along with the planet into a long nuclear night." Great Power/nation state usurpation by 'Brave New World' Global Military Industrial Cartels—is close to 75 years (post WW2) and growing. Ok, granted we people are fecund disposable prey for the GMICs, but the planet's core land sea atmospheric resources are pretty much unrenewable. Put another way, the trajectory of GMIC hopscotching has a half life measured in decades .. and that's not nice. (PS: I'd add Info Tech to GMIC but 6 letters are a bit much.)
Bears: maybe this fits .. Tom Anderson's Bipartisan Treason bear-hunter negotiation story (about a short minute) .. skip the text/scroll forward to about 1.50 min
P gets a smile/pat on the back, Manning gets 35 years, Kiriakou gets 2, Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy—3 years and counting, Snowden is on the run, and no military brass is doing Abu Ghraib time. So it goes folks.
Apologies Col//pretty much just getting started..won't happen again. ted
It's way past time to "repurpose"a good chunk of our military mission (ie) green it up/infrastructure abroad and home. Bechtel, MK + et als, Seabees, Army Engineer Corps are alive/with bona fides. Granted repurposing a nation's army/military will be discounted by military stiff dicks/MIC neocons as pissing-in-the wind talk. So be it. Same money: repurpose half of it. It works for the nation's dignity, infrastructure, and honest work.