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Jason Andrews
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Wow, that is a lot. I Some of them I'm curious about what the gameplay is but I'll wait until the rule page gets updated. I'm sure that'll take awhile to do.
I figured that the easier version of Zodiac was going to be called Constellation lol
Baker's Game is tough to play. I would suggest a unlimited group moving version or more cells version. ForeCell is not bad if you try to clear the cells first...just as long there isn't any high cards (King, Queen or Jack for example) in the cells which can be frustrating.
How long before rules for the new games are added the the rule section?
I'm looking forward to what the 20 games will be before they come to the Mac.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2016 on Coming in 2016 at Goodsol Solitaire Blog
The new game group, the sir tommy type....will that happen for the Mac version in the near future? I know that there is a type group for Terrace on the windows come that group is only on windows and not on the mac version? Looking forward to seeing what new games there will be for the window version that would come to Mac version later in the year.
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Apr 20, 2015