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Why charge people to develop plugins to use on the QuoteCAD platform? The more people that develop on the QuoteCAD platform, the greater and more powerful the eco-system becomes: both for the users themselves, and also for the software vendors? It makes sense to remove any and all obstacles hindering that purpose. anyways, my two cents.
Hi Spider, What is the difference between the ViewportTableRecord class and the Viewport class? In other words, if I want to iterate through the viewports, shouldn't I be iterating through Viewports rather than ViewportTableRecords? chrs, Ben
Thank you Spider would you be able to elaborate on what this code here is doing? Matrix3d ucs = vd.Viewport.EyeToWorldTransform; Circle cir = drawable as Circle; Point3d cen = cir.Center.TransformBy(ucs.Inverse()); much appreciated. chrs
Here is a refactored version of the above, hopefully it will be easier to read: I hope it helps someone.
I think it is the same with points, except the Global equivalent for points are used. chrs Mr Spider.
ok Mr Spider as you have suggested, i have written a post, and i also have the reason why the vectors are treated the same within the post. Here is the blog post just click on the link - and i hope that helps.
Interesting. Do they return the same hashcodes?
very interesting! thanks for sharing.
yes Mr Spider you are right i used an old cad file and it worked with other font styles. rgds Ben
Hi Spider when I use your above code I only seem to have two TextStyleTableRecord entires: Standard and Annotative - I do not have all the different font styles that you do. any ideas?
Hello Mr Spider I tried your above code but it seems to be crashing: - I am calling it from within a revit plugin because I want to read and extract Autocad objects and then build revit objects based on the Autocad geometry. its says 'common language runtime detected an invalid program'. any ideas? rgds, Ben
Hi Mr Spider, would you be able to elaborate on what the PushModelTransform and the PopModelTransform methods do - the ObjectArx Managed Reference guide is not very clear on this particular point. rgds Ben
Mr Spider another question - you suggest that it is the simplest treatment for jigging a line? Which made me think: what more is there involved - what is involved to make this more complicated? rgds Ben
Thank you. I was looking through the code walk throughs and found it a little more advanced than what i would like. is there a more simplified version available? rgds Ben
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2017 on Getting help for Forge APIs at Cloud and Mobile
readers this post needs to be read in conjunction with the below:
Thank you Mr Spider I will study those blog posts. rgds, Ben
Hello Mr Spider, Ironically some of the answers in that SO question talk about "encapsulation" yet it looks to me that the property merely exposes the field - of course providing some validation logic if required - but then this can be done just as well with a method. I couldn't readily discern the difference between a public field, an autoproperty and a full property which exposes the field through an interface. The effect is the same, is it not? Encapsulation is effectively broken, and confusion abounds.
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Feb 7, 2017
Hi Mr Spider - I every now and then see this RXclass on the forums - with examples just have you've done above. But I have no idea what it is, and what its purpose is, and how the Rx object is different from the DBobject types we are familiar with in the .net api. was hoping you could shed some light on it. rgds, Ben
Hello what is the purpose of the result buffer class? the arx documentation is very limited on that point. rgds Ben
Hello thank you Mr Scott - I too couldn't get the plugin or the source: do you know where one can access the code? rgds Ben
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thanks - for an operation i want to get the whole drawing with this zoom extent - the code provided above does this, but after the operation is complete i want to be able to give the user the zoom she was using before the command was run. how do i get the old zoom extents?
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2016 on Zooming to drawing extents at AutoCAD DevBlog
Hi Mr Spider Just to confirm: btRecord.IsLayout - with this code, if the btRecord is the model space, then IsLayout will return true? therefore !btRecord.IsLayout should return false. Do I have this correct? rgds. Ben
Hello Mr Spider Thank you for your code. Understanding it is beyond me atm: what is its overall purpose? rgds Ben
ok very good Mr Spider. What if I create a point and add it to the model space: new Point3d(0,0,0) ? Will this mean that the point will go to the WCS coordinate system or the UCS? According to your above answer I think it will go to the WCS system? rgds, Ben