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Would it help to create new words? Distribution and redistribution are going to be hard to shift. What about using more words that get people to stretch their thinking, something like: - Distribution with market distortions - Fair labor distribution, where everyone gets goods and services equal to what they produce - Fluid capital distribution, what workers would get if savings did not accumulate in rent-seeking activities but only as capital, and capital competed freely. - Fair distribution, combination of the above and removing other market distortions - Societal distribution, where children and those unable to contribute a decent-living wage are taken care of collectively. These are just a first grasp at terms, but it seems like new words would get people thinking in new ways?
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reason -- I think it's very important to completely and carefully separate two arguments that are being mixed here. One argument is that, without market and government distortions, ordinary individuals do in fact contribute enough to equal what they need to consume. There is no compassion required, only fairness. That's the original article's key point. The other argument is for compassion: that we will demand that the wealthy take care of those who can not take care of themselves. I'm in favor of that too ... but I think it is a disservice to people working two jobs to say that they contribute so little that they need compassion or charity rather than justice. I like both values: justice and compassion. But mixing them is a terrible idea, both because it robs the underpaid-contributors of dignity they have earned, and because politically arguments that mix compassion and empathy don't ring true (even if they both ring true, separately).
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Apr 21, 2015