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@KoKommokid1, the VC-T in the altima can use regular fuel.
@KoKommokid1, the VC-T in the QX50, is used in the altima, It is performing well in both EPA and figures also fuelly, with may getting mid 30 combined. It also perform well in car and driver test fuel efficient test, and in wards auto test hit up to 38 MPG, beating out the regular 2.5.
@: bhtooefr, you quote "The 80 miles per US gallon figure is based on the JC08 test cycle" which you are wrong, the 80 MPG is based off automotive news journalist Hans test driving the car itself at tweet he got 88 MPG.
@grfy, you also correct, but how infiniti/nissan is doing, it is by a multiplier/reducer transmission like in current e power system, and they also now include the VC-turbo engine, which will help give better efficiency on highway. with multiplier trans you can increase power output, while the engine runs at optimum efficiency.
@peter _xx, it think one of the things people forget is that nissan e power does not operate like regular series, yep series use more gas a higher speed, but nissan also has a multplier /reducer transmission , plus a large buffer batter, unlike most series.
@bhtooefr nissan is well aware of that, that at higher speed series are less efficient, that why the larger battery pack, and the VC-turbo, also nissan e power uses a multiplier / reduction transmission that you are not aware of, you think the note was just fuel efficient like that?
@treehugeer why I said you need to read wide is that popular mechanics test the nissan 1M2CL FWD hybrid system in the altima in 2011,that is 3 years ago, it got 40 MPG combined, but it had a different power rating from the system in the pathfinder, it had 270 HP. That is 70-80 more HP than honda and toyota system.
@treehugger why not try to read wide sometimes, nissan have two systems, a 2.5 supercharger and a motor combined that give 250HP which is a mild hybrid and 2l DI with a motor deliver 187 HP which is a strong hybrid.The engineer said that in 2013. the 2l system can deliver the same performance as toyota and honda.
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Apr 26, 2015