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Zhmayev Yaroslav (Salaros)
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Hi Jeremy, I know that this post is quite old, but I have some question regarding the nested families. We've found out that connectors (piping, electrical etc) of the nested families are "invisible" to the designers inside the project. So far we've managed to display nested family's parameters inside the schedule and map some of them to the connector parameters, but these families are still quite useless, because they cannot be interconnected in a real-world project. Do you have any solution for that? Would you like to have a sample family to play with? Best regards, Yaroslav
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2015 on Nested Family at The Building Coder
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Hi Jeremy, Adding DebugEngines tag worked for me. Thanks for helping me out (once again). I have a colleague who stands to be a Revit (BIM) expert, but he was unable to get Revit 2014 + VS2013 bundle working on my PC. Jeremy, YOU are the real Revit expert! Kudos
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May 6, 2015