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Dwayne Lessner
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Hi Chad Congrats on the relaunch of your product. Data locality with Nutanix still allows you to rebuild from the remaining nodes as the secondary copies are evenly redistributed with the exception of block awareness. In a cluster of 16 nodes 3 will not have data to rebuild. In a cluster of 64 nodes, 3 nodes couldn't be used to rebuild data. So i think that is fair in the overall rebuild times. What is the use case for creating such a large failure domain ie 1,000 of nodes? Large failure domains also mean need more than 2 copies of data if you care about losing multiple nodes. How many copies of data were used in these performance tests? What was the CPU and RAM used by the client? What was the working set? Was it in cache? Seems like a lot of focus on performance for Tier 2 apps. Thanks for the post. DL
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May 6, 2015