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Debbie T
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Incorrect assumption again - he does not ask readers to protest or comment on his behalf!! Not his style. He is not sensitive to criticism, as he has developed a very thick skin, probably through his years in the military. He finds humor where some might be offended; I like that!
No, he told no one to do anything, but commonly posts things for interest and mockery. And some of his readers take the time to see for themselves. You have made assumptions that are incorrect, and a statement that seems totally wrong ("...who frequently likes to remind his readers of his abilities in the issuing of lethal attacks should they get uppity".) Could you point out such a 'reminder' that he has made, since in the years of reading him I have never seen such a threat? Nothing 'phoney' about him, certainly not 'phoney bonhomie'. He has high standards, and he models them and insists that his readers/commenters display them. No, one of those standards is NOT 'don't swear'. Big deal. He has a totally different style, but no less intellect, and he does not dismiss those who have a different style or attitude or presentation. However, he WILL dismiss those who cannot discuss civilly, rationally, and provide facts to back them up. Disagreement is no problem for him, passionate dissent is no problem for him; stupidity, meanness, hypocrisy, etc. - well, they will get you called out, corrected, and booted if you don't behave.
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May 10, 2015