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Nuevo Lorenz
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The above threat of economic collapse that Establishment England foisted on the world during the YES/NO referendum is now totally irrelevant as Scotland has repudiated Great Britain for all practical purposes. I note you said if "England" leaves the EU. That is preciously the argument that the Scots are making, it's not a United Kingdom it's England and three secondary territories with marginal say in their own governing. The BBC stereotype of backward Scotland is over and if you care to listen Nicola Sturgeon and the newest SNP heroine Mhairi Black speak Scots not London English, it's right there on YouTube if you doubt me. Don't look for the SNP to support any English adventures in the Middle East and finally I am reasonably assured that as my friends and relatives in Scotland would say they don't give a *ook (rhymes with spook) about the London Financial District.
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May 10, 2015