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Leecy Barnett
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I understand about the article titles. But using your logic, you should capitalize book titles in the References List but you don't. I hope you will suggest to the powers that be that you make this change (book titles capitalized)in the next edition. It is really hard to explain the rules of APA to our students and faculty when they often, like this one, seem so arbitrary.
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Why in the reference list do you capitalize every important word in a journal title, while in all other titles you capitalize only the first word?
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I am very confused. On page 175 of the 6th edition of the Publication Manual, it says that you need to cite the first five authors in text but on page 184, it says in the Reference List you have to list the first seven authors and then if you have eight authors or more you list the first six and ... to the last. Is it just me or is this unnecessarily complex. Or am I just misunderstanding this?
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May 22, 2015