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Redistricting in North Carolina. Do you support the decision of the court to throw out the current congressional map? Do you feel that your districts boundaries accurately reflect the voting patterns of your area? Do you feel that your district accurately reflects your community or do you feel that disparate communities compose your district? Do you approve of the job the state house and senate are doing? Do you approve of the job your state representative is doing?
Potential Republican VPs: Assuming your first choice candidate is the eventual nominee, who is your ideal VP of the currently declared republican candidates? Test each candidate and "someone else"
McCrory vs. Cooper McCrory vs. Wayne Goodwin McCrory vs. Patsy Kreever McCrory vs. Hagan McCrory vs. Dalton McCrory vs. Elaine Marshall McCrory vs. June Atkinson Tillis vs. Hagan Tillis vs. Daniel Blue (senate minority leader) Tillis vs. Larry Hall Tillis vs. Dalton Tillis vs. Butterfield Tillis vs. Atkinson Compare favorabilities of Tillis and McCrory, name recognition of other democratic candidates.
With an anticipated ruling on marriage equality coming in the next week or so. I'd like to see: how same-sex marriage/marriage equality polls in the state. Voters opinion on the new laws allowing faith based adoption agencies to refuse services based on religious views. Voters opinion on the proposed law that would only allow members of the clergy to preform marriages in the state. Voter opinion about expanding the Elliot-Larson Civil Rights Act to include LGBTs. Opinion of a Michigan state RFRA style bill How each of these opinions break down by party affiliation, ideology, and religious affiliation
2016 Senate Democratic Primary: Fisher - Louisville Mayor Grimes Lunsford - 2008 Candidate Jim Gray - Lexington Mayor Logsdon - Party Chairman R.J. Palmer - Minority Leader in State Senate Stumbo - Speaker of the House Name recognition, Fav/Unfav, job approval, etc.
I would like to see favorabilitiy, familiarity and support by political affiliation, liberal, very conservative, moderate, etc, of the Ohio Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment (2015). As well as if passage of the bill would be seen as a net positive or a net negative.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2015 on Ohio Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
I'd like to see polling looking at: Burr v. Clodfelter McCory v. Clodfelter Tillis v. Clodfelter
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May 29, 2015