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Conversations@The Ridges
Brandywine, Maryland
Knowledge is Power!
Interests: The Ridges of Brandywine is located in Prince Georges County, Maryland and was developed in 2002 by John C Pyles. This community which stands against a beautiful backdrop of plush green forestry has not been well represented by the original developer. Some residents seek to regain lost benefits to the Ridges community through advocacy-governmental and legal- as we work to protect one of our greatest assets....our homes.
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Jan 2, 2017
Fair comment. Recommendation: Hire best negotiator within the WTU rank and file. Davis does not make the top 20. News Flash. No election campaigning as there is no election going on. Teachers are talking about this stuff and deserve a tool to communicate.
Who knows? It is supposed to be in 2016. The problem is the WTU Elections committee is having huge problems out of the Davis/Peterson team. A lot of stalling the process going on.
We are a group of WTU members motivated to change the union's focus back to hard work for teachers. We are diverse in gender, race and ethnicity. Our ideas are progressive and cutting edge. We are the teacher next door and the one on the other side of the city. We are a movement and a force for change. You should join us. All you have to do is have ideas that you can support. Being able to write, communicate, and have a moral compass are essential.
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As we move forward with the issues, it is clear that there is a WTU leadership riff. Davis Board members complain about the two and half year riff. Many Board members have quit. Peterson collects checks on the backs of our members and delivers nothing. It started day one right after we won the election. She was howling and crying. Our Executive Board thought early Peterson was a leadership mistake. She is excellent at getting sympathy. The Executive Board oust her not Nathan. The result was Nathan did all the work without a General Vice President. The relationship between the Davis and Peterson is secondary to the issues at hand. The union is about delivery for the membership. Delivery of a union contract, VEBA benefits, and Impact relief are paramount. I do agree that DC teachers must be more active. Last WTU meeting only 24 members attended. No quorum existed. They give away color TVs, and dinner. That is a problem! That is why we must keep talking and taking action. Thank you for your comments.
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I am hopeful. After two and half years, I am surprise by the sixty day CBA announcement. We must be mindful of a CBA hash out with a 60 day time table. Davis is in a compromised position which is bad for the membership. She has painted herself in a corner. Rushing through an agreement means the raises will not be at a premium, the working conditions will not improve and no Impact relief. Thank you for your comments. Keep talking and taking action.
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Thanks for your comments. Information is the key to a successful union with full participation. Please forward the blog to other teachers. Keep talking and taking action.
Demand a written response as a member. Watch her stutter and report the results here. We have an accountant among our rank and file. The financial analysis of Liz Davis actions is telling.
Read the VEBA attachment above. She wrote it! What more proof do you need? She is telling teachers VEBA does not exist anymore. She is saying it is Henderson's fault. Unions aways blame management all the time. I have learned to be very skeptical of this as a first response. I don't think Bowser or Henderson would risk the wrath of teachers over a small issue. There are major problems which may end up with jail, forced resignation or worse.
We also want her to respond! She should have responded over 2 years ago. Teachers who called into WTU were being told by Ray Mobley and Dorothy Edgufor that the program was intact until recently. Some members have been requesting copies of VEBA audits to no avail. She needs to provide complete answers quickly.
Thanks. Talk and take action.
Some Executive Board members have already proposed a vote of no confidence. They have all day meeting and accomplish nothing. They did not have enough votes. Ask the Executive Board members what is going on and let them know teachers need them to be good stewards.
The word on the street is that Davis is under heavy legal handling to not talk for fear of making more incriminating statements. She just stutters a lot now about most things nowadays. We will wait with you but will not hold our breath.
The money is funny at WTU. Budget is totally out of whack. I have worked with other Executive Boards and something is wrong with Liz Davis' WTU culture. Just look at how much money we are paying lawyers and accountants. That is a classic indicator of fiduciary relationships being compromised.
Thanks. Talk and Take Action.
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Jun 7, 2015