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Mirko Sabljic
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I agree Eugene, I was thinking the same way and thats the approach I am going to take. Many thanks for your reply and advice!
Hi Eugene, Actually I am interested mainly in a windows desktop app development and the reason I mentioned python was mainly becuase of easier cross platform portabillity. But the all itself does not need to be written in python, I am willing to use any other language as well so if any other way comes to your mind please do let me know. I also did a lot of the research when it comes to ble connecticity using the native bluetooth on windows but unfortunatelly could not find any valuable information. So I guess using dongle is my best option at the moment I guess? Kind regards, Mirko
Thank you both Eugene and Rastislav for the answers! Basically what I would like to do is a custom desktop app (ideally in pythin) on top of the Angel sensor functionality. I would like to do it without the usage of the dongle only by using the internal bluetooth with BLE functionallity. So based on your experience, is that doable in Python and if so, do you have any useful resources or advices in terms of which python library to use to start with since this experiment only works with BLED112? Thank you in advance! Kind regards!
Hi Eugene, Thank you for the great article first of all! One question if you don't mind: Is the bluetooth dongle absolute necessity or the laptop's native bluetooth can be used instead of having aditional dongle? Many thanks! Kind regards
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Jun 8, 2015