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His not caring statement is totally accurate. This is the 2nd time that beats music has closed down. Now apple is going for a third after their 3 billion purchase of a service that never had a huge impact. Mog was far superior when it had 320 sound quality. But when it became beats they got rid of the high sound quality. And then they made beats terribly hard to navigate and it also had the junk beats audio effects that made the quality even worse. So now they'll have another go inside itunes itself. First question is can I sample it without having to input a credit card like all the other music apps out there. And second its not launching on android. Then second I can basically already get spotify premium for almost an entire year for about a dollar. And the only time I need it is when I personally spend alot more time traveling to live shows during the summer. And even if I had to pay for the subscription I think spotify only costs 5 dollars a month not 10. Plus it already has decent music curation at least to get started. But yeah as an enthusiast music lover no curation service is good enough for me it only helps to get started. Beats music was horrible at that. And mog i don't think had it either but it did have the highest quality sound at one point. And yeah people are talking about how the greedy top 30 djs are killing the market for festivals. Because they cost too much money to hire but are the safe bet for the majority of really bad music promoters that have absolutely no music taste. The good news is that year after year the new festivals are finding a little new talent and putting together their own shows that get more artist's paid. Not only that more people are showing up every year. I find this is a direct impact because of the good job music lover enthusiasts like myself have done to populate youtube with good curation data that has indirectly become alot more easily discovered by the average person using one of these services. But the reality is there is way too many people trying to make a copy of the latest edm track that sounds exactly the same all in the hopes of calling it a job on the path to become rich. Venues are limited and if they continue to only use billboard for the information about lineups then the new guy wont have a chance ever in a mainstream venue. The good news is there's room for entrepreneur independent to ensure they still have their place if music is really their passion. The reality is if artist's are too lazy to step their game up more then their compeition their going to be the one looking for a real job to compliment their hobby. Itunes users are horrible at finding services that are actually good official business. About 10% of the top apps are good programs. Android on the other hand is alot higher probably closer to like 50%. So yeah on itunes own store the top apps are pandora and spotify being number 2. Android under the music section the same thing. Itunes doesn't even allow you to easily navigate different category's inside the app section. So yeah really it's just apple is threaten that even in their own store their own customer base is proven to be right in front of everyone face going elsewhere with their money and going to the free service that ruins the whole music markets profit. And that talking about spotify not adverting. Quite frankly all you would have to do is go talk to anyone on the street. All streamers have known about spotify for like a year now atleast. And itunes its self is giving it free advertising and android is as well. Those are the largest and most effective way's probably at reaching the uninformed average person. Everyone has a phone and the majority of average people are lazy. The top 10-20 is all they look at. And its right there for them to see. Android represents like 49% of the total operating systems in 2014. And apple is only 12%. As a very knowlegable computer gamer I know exactly what I need in a phone. And the best phone to fullfill the biggest parts of a phone are offered by windows most affordably. Windows has cortona, the best ai, the best gps offline with no data usage, and its the closest to 99% of all computer software so naturally it will eventually make the most sense. So yeah all that comes in at about 30-100 dollars for a 1.2 gighterz phone. And 4g service doesn't even exist. It's not even the speeds that 4g is suppose to describe. 3g and 4g is just decided by your phone carrier. And realistically 10 gigs of data is robbery at 50 dollars. At 60 mpbs on a home connection with no data limitations I can download 1,944 times the amount of data I can for near the same price of a 10gig 50 dollar per month plan aka 19,440 gigs of data. If you were to watch high quality video you could consume 10 gigs of data in 10 hours about and that's suppose to last you a whole month. But then there's 3g that's unlimited and if you get t mobile its actually the fastest average 3g speeds. Not only that tmobile doesn't charge for alot of common music apps if you get the higher price subscriptions. So yeah apple is doing this because their entire business is useless. They overcharge like 2-3 times the value for pcs with way out of date hardware and put operating systems on them that are useless. People literally buy macs and then emulate windows to play games. People don't even know what the iwatch would help them with in their life. Music is free in the house and ad supported but people can always just ad block. Spotify the 2nd coming of napster has helped legalize their second push that is finding itself becoming mainstream pretty quickly. And as that happens apple gets less and less 1 dollar per song sales. Their phones are also overpriced with again old hardware in them. Apple pay we already have paypal when making purchases in the home online and people arn't going to go out to buy a phone reader to buy something online when it already works. And in stores the thing still goes through credit cards. We already have credit cards for stores too. The extra security well apple got their phones broken into on the first day they launched. And a finger print is easy to get if someone really wanted to. If you take a look at the itunes store.
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Jun 9, 2015