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Karen Slone
Seeker, mother, lover of Torah, Francophone
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"This article is far from brilliant and your use of it to disparage the thoughts and opinions of people you disagree with and assume to be "Jewish persons" is racist and anti-Semitic." was my very first comment ... you interpreted that as lending support and validation? Are you high?
I'm not asking for an apology, but it would be tactless of me not to acknowledge it. So I acknowledge it, but I must point out you're apologizing for the wrong thing. I'm also not asking you to agree with my worldview, just to answer for the anti-Semitism evident in your post. You used a Jewish author's words to cast aspersions on people who disagree with your worldview. To quote you, good doctor, your whole post was about Jews who "fail to meet their responsibilities as" Jews and to "imply non-adherence to the tenets of" Judaism. "If we express disagreement with a certain worldview, we are not to be treated as good" Jews or people. You are absolutely right, it is audacious and amazing ... I couldn't have said it better myself. The only person involved in this thread who thinks their view is exempt from examination is you. It's your blog, though, so if you want to run around naked on it and refuse to acknowledge the folks who dare to tell you you have no clothes on, that's your prerogative.
I am well aware the author of the article is Jewish. Please note, my comment was directed at your use of the article in an obviously anti-Semitic and racist way. Thanks for the suggestion. I engage in thoughtful examination of my beliefs on a regular basis ... it's part of what I do as a Jew engaged in Torah study and in fulfillment of the mitzvot. I would suggest you internalize the values of the Hippocratic oath I assume you took as a physician or the Christian values you conservatives like to talk about though rarely practice, but it's quite clear from your infantile avoidance of taking responsibility for your anti-Semitism that self-reflection is not high on your list. How disappointing that a physician can't rally the intellectual resources necessary for more than the blog-equivalent of "I know you are, but what am I?"
This article is far from brilliant and your use of it to disparage the thoughts and opinions of people you disagree with and assume to be "Jewish persons" is racist and anti-Semitic. The Jewish people are not a monolith ... we are individuals with as many reasons for the way we think, feel, and vote as any other race, religion, or ethnicity. "It is not uncommon to see Jewish persons in our local online communities display a political and cultural worldview suffused with ample portions of socialism, sexual liberationism, secularism, relativism and radical feminism. The big question is how these views originated." Perhaps Conservatives should be giving a little more attention to self-reflection ... why is it a medical doctor, someone who swore an oath to first do no harm, should have such animosity towards socialism ... an idea that essentially says all persons are equal. Shouldn't a physician, of all people, believe that everyone is entitled to the best possible care regardless of economic status? If sexual liberationism (not sure this is even a word, but you're the MD) is evil, what is it you believe in, sexual imprisonment and repression? What is the medically healthy alternative to sexual liberationism? Do Conservatives differentiate between feminism and radical feminism? If so, please enlighten me on where you draw the line. Is it okay if we ask you to pay us equally as long as we shave our legs and armpits? Is it okay if we go to college as long as we stop raising a fuss about being raped by our male classmates? As a medical doctor, when Conservatives succeed in rolling back women’s reproductive rights, are you okay with poor women seeking back alley abortions and dying while wealthy women do what they have always done, go to the family doctor for a “therapeutic d&c”? How can an intelligent person not ascribe to relativism ... we make decisions every day based on judgments of what is relevant and what is not. I would hope someone with a medical degree would understand the importance of scale and relativity. There are an abundance of basic functions of biological life and pharmacology which are based on scale and relativity. Do you prescribe the same dose of aspirin to a 3 year old child with a fever as you to a 66 year heart patient? I should hope not. How comfortable are you with religion being the litmus test for all medical care? I assume you want to be able to deny, on religious grounds, medical care to a woman seeking pregnancy termination so you have no argument with Christian Scientists who would deny a life-saving blood transfusion to a car accident victim or a diabetic child insulin in favor of prayers for healing. One last question, how can an educated person use education to hammer liberals? Education is the key to the future ... the only reason to denigrate education or to withhold fair and equal access to it is to keep people down. Conservatives have a public relations problem because they have an ideology problem. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or medical doctor to figure that out. Jewish liberalism does not conflict with Torah, it is rooted in Torah and in ancient Talmudic teachings, the greatest perhaps of which was taught by Rabbi Hillel ... "The essence of Torah is, that which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow." This teaching was adopted by Jesus the Jew when he said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The big question really is why have Conservatives got it so wrong and what do they plan to do about it.
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Jun 14, 2015