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During our program here on the island, it has become clear to me that Dominicans are a product of their environment. As a whole, they are very open population about most everything, and they have an intense passion for the things they really care about. They are truly their own... Continue reading
Going to listen to and talk with Hector Gomez and his radio show was a very special experience. Personally, I feel I was born for radio, and if baseball doesn't work out, you will find me over the airwaves. But I digress. I thought the most interesting takeaway from the... Continue reading
The most ethical way for MLB to improve its product in the Dominican Republic is to help develop the educational system implemented here so that MLB does not feed the ever-growing unemployment rate with the players that finish their baseball career uneducated. Unfortunately, I don't see any big changes in... Continue reading
Between the museum tour, the visit to Estadio Cibao, and spending too much money at the Aguilas team store, I had a great time visiting Santiago. I really enjoyed seeing Estadio Cibao, as it is a major landmark for baseball in the Dominican Republic, and for the game as a... Continue reading
I enjoyed the movie "Sugar" a lot because it gives a great narrative of what life is really like for a Dominican player coming to the United States. In the movie, Sugar is sent to the U.S. because he has a brilliant curveball, but does not make it all the... Continue reading
Sitting in the corner of a classroom in one of the academies observing and adding input for a few weeks here in the Dominican has showed me an area where the academy system can be improved. Education in the academies ranges everywhere from offering basic English classes where even some... Continue reading
This weekend's trip to Caño Hondo was a great getaway from the city life and a fun way to see some of the natural parts of the country. I was very disappointed that the drought in the country caused the waterfalls to be dried up and the pools to be... Continue reading
Growing up, I can remember watching Sammy Sosa play for the Cubs and hit home run after home run. I remember thinking about how he was more than just a man playing baseball, he was like a like a mythological superhero playing among mere mortals. His hop he would do... Continue reading
Today, I was pleasantly surprised at the Mets academy. It was great to see a complex that really held high standards for its players. I was impressed by the facilities and grounds, but I particularly liked their education system. At the academy, they have four levels of English ability where... Continue reading
This week was focused mainly on the system of development for baseball players here in the Dominican Republic. A lot of discussion was had over the ethics of the academy system and how players are signed and selected to play for teams. While there are certainly viewpoints that support the... Continue reading
This week, the most interesting readings, for me, were the ones about Yasiel Puig. We read a lot about his story of how he got from Cuba to United States, as well as some opinion pieces on how he plays and whether or not he should reign in his personality.... Continue reading
"It seems like a cartel to me." "It's a monopoly." "People are guilty of doing their jobs." Pelotero: Ballplayer is a critically acclaimed film that follows the story of two highly rated Dominican prospects through the process of being signed by Major League Baseball teams. It focuses multiple issues of... Continue reading
Seeing the Archives in Santo Domingo was an experience that made me feel more connected to the Dominican Republic as a whole. I feel like when I know the history of a place I am and the historical significance of certain events or places, I understand the people and the... Continue reading
The visit to San Pedro was very emotional for me yesterday. Visiting the abandoned sugar cane fields and factories and the stadium made me think of my family. I kept thinking about my family in Iowa who farms to make their living and what would happen if they had their... Continue reading
Pedro Martinez is a household name in baseball history. He is the guy that brought the Red Sox back to glory in 2004 with his dominant performance in Game 3. It was not a simple road to that game for Martinez, though. He endured a long road of hard work... Continue reading
These days there are a lot of things wrong with professional sports. FIFA is known for it ocean of corruption issues, the NFL has become particularly muddled with issues of domestic violence by its players, even the face of the United States’ swimming program has had issues with marijuana abuse.... Continue reading
Watching the documentary Rumbo a las Grandes Ligas was a great summary of what we have already learned in the program so far. Certainly we have covered that it is a very long and arduous process for players to get from a little league to an academy, and an even... Continue reading
The process that players have to go through in order to be signed by a team is quite an extensive one, as we learned today at the MLB offices. Players first have to be registered to be drafted, which can take more than a month, and then they have to... Continue reading
Seeing the players at Rudy Ramirez’s little league was something special. We saw how dedicated they were to the program as they worked out and practiced. The field they worked on was nothing more than a backstop with some makeshift dugouts and dirt in a pile where the pitcher’s mound... Continue reading
After visiting the Houston Astros Academy on Wednesday, I confirmed my thought that education for the players before they leave to go to the United States is not adequate, nor acceptable. Paul, the teacher who showed us around the camp, talked a lot about how the guys that come in... Continue reading
During our visit the Colonial Zone, a few thoughts struck me. The first was that we got to see the first cathedral built in the New World. This cathedral in Zona did not look like much, but it did not matter when I grasped the significance of the building. As... Continue reading
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Jun 23, 2015