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Our guest lecture from the representative of was probably my favorite part of our entire culture course. I learned so much about the Haiti-Dominican Republic conflict from the lecture. I found it amazing that our guest was able rattle off dates and numbers about all of the laws and... Continue reading
The idea of blackness in the Dominican Republic has been one of the highlights of our course the last few weeks. But this idea was much more prominent to me this week when we examined the article “Translating Blackness” by Lorgia García-Peña. The idea of viewing blackness through the eye... Continue reading
The film “Sugar” was a phenomenal depiction of life for a Dominican baseball player in the United States. Before this program, I had never taken the time to think about how life would be for a foreign player in the states. This film gives an inside look at how difficult... Continue reading
The Dominican Republic has a very interesting and unique pipeline for their players to enter the baseball industry. While many countries link baseball and other sports to their school systems, the Dominican Republic does not link the two. The Dominican Republic does not have a formal system for baseball linked... Continue reading
In looking at the pipeline Dominicans must go through to make it to the big leagues, the main problem that is present is education. You cannot examine the baseball industry in the Dominican Republic and ignore the education, or lack thereof, in the system. Young boys leaving school early to... Continue reading
Caño Hondo was absolutely amazing. Before this trip, I had forgotten that we were on an island in the Caribbean. I think it’s easy to get lost in the city and forget that the island has so much more to offer. Our hike through the jungle, though exhausting, was one... Continue reading
Before coming to the Dominican Republic, I was unaware of the racial tension in the country. Learning about the possible deportation of Haitians has been very interesting, especially because we are here in the midst of it. When examining the racial dynamic in the Dominican Republic, one might be slightly... Continue reading
The New York Mets are definitely doing something right; that something is their baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. The Mets academy is by far the nicest academy we have seen. The facilities were very modern and the grounds were kept clean. The landscaping was amazing. I was impressed with... Continue reading
Touring Lidom was an exciting experience. It was easy to see the pride that comes along with the Dominican Winter League. The Dominican Winter League includes several countries in the Caribbean. One of the more interesting things that stood out to me yesterday was the occupation of all the presidents... Continue reading
Over the last several weeks, the question “Is Baseball Dominican?” has been hanging in the air. Through our site visits, we have seen many examples of Dominicans contributing to the development of baseball in the Dominican Republic. Some specific examples are Rudy and Daniel, the town of Consuelo, and Manny... Continue reading
Hacedores, or the hustle, is a fitting theme for our week. I am slowly realizing how much corruption there actually is in the Dominican Republic and more specifically the baseball industry. We have discussed the issues of race as well as the culture here in the Dominican Republic. But nothing... Continue reading
Over the last few weeks we have examined the narrative the MLB is painting: poor, uneducated Dominican boys’ only hope is to sign a major league contract to buy a house for their mothers and the MLB is doing great things to help these poor unfortunate souls. The documentary Pelotero... Continue reading
While our visit to the Archives was definitely not my favorite, I still enjoyed it. Learning the history of the Dominican Republic was intriguing. Many people are unaware of the hardships Dominicans have faced over the years. With Trujilo’s dictatorship and “unspoken” racism towards Haitians, the people of the Dominican... Continue reading
So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed our time with Daniel Portorreal. But after hearing his story today, I respect him so much more not only as a coach, but as a person as well. I really enjoyed speaking with Daniel and Leonicio this morning. So far we have examined many... Continue reading
I hate to admit this – but before we began this course, I had never really sat down and examined culture in relation to sports. But after completing the readings and discussing in class, I realized sports play a HUGE role in culture. I really liked the phrase we discussed... Continue reading
During our trip to Consuelo, I was surprised to hear about their education programs. It amazed me to learn that the young man we spoke with has only been studying English for 6 months; his English was very good! The importance of education in this small town is amazing. The... Continue reading
Today there are many players in Major League Baseball from Latin America; many of these players call the Dominican Republic their home. Albert Pujols was raised in the Dominican Republic. His parents divorced at a young age so his grandmother and his father raised him. “My dad and my brother... Continue reading
When dealing with sports, sometimes it’s easy to forget outside issues such as race. But when the rosters of each team contain numerous players from different countries, the issue cannot simply be ignored. To examine the issue of race in baseball, you must first examine the history of the sport... Continue reading
Overall, I felt as if the documentary Rumbo a las Grandes Ligas/Road to the Big Leagues was just another form of the narrative already being told here in the Dominican Republic. In the short amount of time we have been here, we have seen this narrative repeated in several different... Continue reading
After visiting the MLB Offices in Santo Domingo, my mind was racing in regards to the MLB’s presence here in the Dominican Republic. I was under the impression that the people who spoke to us about the MLB viewed the organization as “the best thing to ever happen to the... Continue reading
During our visit to Rudy Ramirez’s Little League, I was very impressed with the view on education. My first opinion of Dominican baseball in relation to education was a negative one. I was under the impression that the majority of young boys playing baseball in the Dominican Republic were no... Continue reading
Today during our walking tour of the colonial zone, I was very impressed by the amount of culture in the area. It was interesting to learn about the first cathedral in the zona. From the way Tian talked about the area, Dominicans are very proud of their history. While walking,... Continue reading
While touring the facilities at the Houston Astros, I was amazed at the MLB teams and their lack of empathy. Many of the players they sign will not make it to the United States. And when signing boys from the Little League camps, they must pick and choose, knowing those... Continue reading
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Jun 23, 2015