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ALL jokes about MERS aside, WE are NOT dealing with a question of LIFE/DEATH in FOUTEEN (14) DAYS or LESS: WE NEVER WERE! The problem WE continue to HIT up against is the same...WE CONTINUE TO NOT APPLY what WE have learned in a TIMELY manner. And NOW(??) it has been documented that the incubation period is BEYOND fourteen (14) Days! THAT alone should have RECONFIGURED the way in which MERS is being IMMEDIATELY manhandled. OBVIOUSLY no reconfiguring is taking place in a TIMELY manner. So what do we REALLY HAVE NOW/TODAY Wednesday, June 24, 2015? A UNIQUE and EVER GROWING POPULATION OF OVER 3,833 PLUS (x-QUARANTINED) individuals who are in a LOTTERY of CERTAIN DEATH by MERS. Why/HOW? (Hello OVER 14_DAYS) What % of these (x-QUARANTINED) individuals released into the general population will actually evolve into MERS infected CARRIER because THEIR INCUBATION PERIOD was (Oops!) over 14_Days? What about THEIR CONTACT TRACKING PROBLEMS? YOU do the numbers: even if only 1% of the 3,833 (x-QUARANTINED) come down with MERS, THEN in So Korea (??), etc, etc, etc the WORST is yet to come. But REMEMBER what the WHO has stated: EVERYTHING is UNDER CONTROL. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm? 3,833 is the number that So Korea documented (DAYS AGO) who were in a 14_Day quarantine and THEN RELEASED. MERS does NOT ALLOW for such blatant STUPIDITY on the part of any Government (or Economic Group…Tourism, etc, etc) including So Korea. EVEN IF ONLY ONE (1) HUMAN BEING comes down with MERS after a 14_Day quarantine then and in THIS (floater) ALLOWS MERS to SPREAD among the general population. Hot spots will be the RED FLAGS indicating that THIS NEW (??) TRUTH about MERS IS CORRECT. SUCH STUPIDITY is a MAJOR HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION to not just So Korea but to EVERYONE on this PLANET. Only TIME will tell. I would IMMEDIATELY/TODAY be MORE THAN CONCERNED NOW ABOUT the ever growing THIRTY-EIGHT (38).
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2015 on South Korea: MERS cases back on the increase at H5N1
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Jun 24, 2015