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The accuser did not back off his story. In fact, even though no one believes him, he is still holding onto it. Don't say he backed off! The case was dismissed because a) the accuser has accused two other people within the past year, so they saw whom they're dealing with here and b) they heard the father coaching the kid with what to say!!! In other words, evidence not admissible in court. c) There was no story. Nothing happened. It was in the father's imagination. Anyone who knows the accuser, even from before this "story", knows that he has a history of molestations. His brothers were molested. His wife's ex was molested and went crazy. Point being that these parents are so afraid of this that they see molestations wherever they look. Did you know that in the beginning of the school year, the accused asked his stepson's melamed if he can trust him that he won't molest his son? I wonder how this melamed responded. This just goes to show what a sex-obsessed man the accuser is and how his brain works. He is a crazy man. He is being shunned, not because he reported abuse but because he reported an abuse that DID NOT HAPPEN.
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As someone else extremely familiar with this case, there is absolutely no basis for the accusation. I agree with Alan about not jumping to conclusions. All you people sitting here like to judge guilty, but the people on the ground, who know the situation, and who know the parties involved are all saying the same thing: the story is false from beginning to end. There was no motive and no opportunity. @Some sense, where did you get this from that they interviewed the kid for over an hour before the arrest? That is factually untrue.
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Jun 25, 2015