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I do care what Jim Hoft and Michelle Malkin think. A Congressman is going to help or hider not only his district, yet the entire United States of American. Do you not think or care or see how-- Mrs Polsi, or Barbara Boxer or Harry Reid have an influence on your everyday life & how they've voted ALL the years as they have?!!??? It's a wise choice to care how others of other districts or states care about who the U.S. CONGRESSMAN are! Should you not been familiar with Andrew Breitbart and Mike Flynn, when ACORN was busted by them & the 2 brave ones that went to the ACORN offices in, 2009, that September! I'm far from a "backward" folk and I was born and raised in the 18th District! Actually did live in the country for a few years, yet far from being "backward folk"!!! Yet as many of us have been "INVOLVED in watching and as watchdogs" might you say for close to 8-9 years! Figured out the Aaron Schock, who's cost our district LOTS of money, close to 3-4 years ago! I'm not on here to argue, simply stated more about Mike Flynn who, I voted for right here, in the 18th district, as you chose & attempted to decide I wasn't from here! Have a wonderful evening & you have the privilege and freedom to vote as you so choose!
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I live in the 18th District & I've cast my vote already!
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I personally see Mike Flynn as a 1000% winner ma'am! He will be the Congressman FOR the people of the 18th District as well as the USA! He is a man who stands with Values, The ISSUES we need not only for our District yet also the entire USA! He's PRO-LIFE, not he Constitution of our Forefathers & PRO-2nd Amendment and our right to bear arms! The Conservative choice & a man who will READ each bill, in order to vote on it appropriately! He is very knowledgeable on our district, our USA and INTERNATIONAL issues! He's not only been now endorsed by Ted Cruz, also Congressman Louie Gohmert, Congressman Steve King, Michelle Malkin, Red State, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundant, The Great Mark Levin to name a few! I ask people to exercise our privilege of VOTING! I also ask you to vote for Mike Flynn, who've I followed all 3 candidates in this election & firmly believe that Mike Flynn will be the man who will STAND IN OFFICE and truly communicate with his constituents & not be bought or cave in DC! Thank you!
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Jul 6, 2015