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Lucano Deskovic
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hello, I've been using the same principle in trying to block number input in ACAD, but for unknown reason, messagefilter keeps letting first 2 keys "leak through" to the application. I'm suspecting it could have something to do with paletteset/acad focus(since I'm using a button to enable/disable the feature), but I've exhausted all other options but to ask you for a tip. (been at autodesk forum and stackoverflow).
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Sep 20, 2015
can you please advise to what programs to use to open the files? I have trouble playing videos on few programs, and "browser files" (meeting replays) report error in chrome and IE.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2015 on API webcast archive at AutoCAD DevBlog
I'm interested to know if there's an interface option that implements autocad "theme" to the Palette Set. ATTM, it used the default colors I set in the VS - buttons are gray, background white,etc...etc.. is there a way for dark theme to be applied automatically to my objects.
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Jul 8, 2015