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See the following post above.
Note the following: " Please do not be confused as Sapphire Chinks is not a bushel. Bushels are not needed in this feature." You EARN the gems and gold by HARVESTING bushels: "The goal for this feature is to plant the the following crops: Plant 20 Midnight Azalea = to get 1 Sapphire Chink Plant 30 Garnet Poppy = to get 1 Garnet Stone Plant 40 Gilded Carnations = to get 1 Gypsy Gold" You DO NOT need to keep the bushels in your stall. You can "share" them immediately after harvesting. The share post does not need to be posted because nothing is earned by claiming bushels, only harvesting. Find the bushels in your stall, click on "share", the amount to use shows up, click the down arrow once so that the total number of bushels show up and then click "use." When the post appears, click the X in the upper right hand corner. The post will disappear and your bushels will be gone. Finally, notice the wording of the tutorial: (the operative word to see is "chance") " Tutorial 2: Harvest Gilded Carnations, Garnet Poppy and Midnight Azalea for a chance to earn Gypsy Gold, Garnet Stones and Sapphire Chinks respectively." That also means you may not earn the stones each time. Hope this helps to clear up some questions for you.
I HAVE ANSWERS! If you can't get to the gypsy trader through the icon on the right side of the game, look for the wagon below the left corner of the farm and click on that. You should get to the pop-up from there. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KEEP BUSHELS IN YOUR MARKET STALL. You receive credit for the bushels as they are harvested and you can "share" them immediately after harvest. This one is still not clear but it seems that clicking on a friend's share of bushels probably doesn't credit you anything.
I haven't been able to get the icon to open for 3 days and have no clue what's going on with my count. This is a known issue with a "fix it Zynga" link, but if it's not working tomorrow, I'm emailing support. This is very frustrating.
That's my question too (do we have to retain bushels in order to use the gems, etc., or do we just earn credit from harvesting and can then delete them) and I can't find any definitive answer.
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Jul 21, 2015