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Calgary AB Canada
PhD Enginnering
Interests: Reseach and development into Fuel Cell and Photocatalysis for water splitting
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The solubility of oxygen in water is around 4 ppm at the operating temperature of hydrogen polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell. Hopefully,the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) occurs in the liquid water phase. Most fuel scientist think it occurs in the membrane phase. Low solubility of oxygen is one of the important reason for the high overvoltage of ORR.This causes the the ORR to be under the control of mass transfer resistance.Is it possible that the beneficial effect of Nitroxy/Nox is also to increase the solubility of oxygen during ORR.
I have not read the full paper. Is there a reason for using palladium nanocrystal templates and not for example silica?
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Jul 28, 2015