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I agree about the Lulu. Thought the singing was excellent overall and well staged considering the space. I'm very glad I went but there were downsides, at least for me. (1)The orchestra was too loud much of the time creating this wall of sound which made it difficult to hear the singers, particularly in the first part. If possible they should have been behind the stage. (2) Given that the audience was on the same flat floor as the orchestra, it would have helped if the stage had been maybe 12-18" higher. The sightlines would have been less unobstructed by the conductor. (3) I usually hate it when directors make cuts but the real error here was General Director Mark Streshinsky saying he believed no opera should be more than 2 1/2 hours except for Wagner's Ring. What a stupid thing to say right after the director, Elkhanah Pulitzer, had indicated where the cuts where and why. (4) Lastly, I thought that having only one intermission was a good thing but the parts should have been joined smoothly. Instead we got just like it was an intermission for about 2 mins. with the orchestra tuning again and the conductor standing there drinking water. With everything in such close quarters, it totally ruined the flow and was very irritating. All that said though, I thought they did a great job with the major facets of presenting this difficult work and was very glad I went.
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Jul 30, 2015