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Wendy Turner
Interests: Medieval English History
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I think Tannasgh is on the right track. A couple of things to think about: U and V were interchangeable. In that case the last word might be ORUI (in Latin "wait"). There is a better picture of the words on the research page posted by the moderator above. The Chi-Rho symbols at either end are very clear as are the letters. Morgan might be onto something with the G/C mix of the first supposed C. And, I wonder still about the lower case/"sofit" R. Could that indicate the end of a name/word (is it a number)? I think that character might be key to unravelling the puzzle. The normal things ("Noster Dominus") are more common (although it does strike me as odd that is backward (normally written DN (Dominus Noster) in Latin. Can I ask, is anything on the reverse? A decoration? Often the two sides were linked even if from different contexts (a biblical verse on one side and a family reference on the other). 5 August On the other side, according to the British Museum description, there are 'crosses, crescents and quatrefoil motifs'.
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Aug 5, 2015