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Several people have mentioned that the C's might be G's, or that one might be a G. If read as such, and considering the interchangeability of v and u, as well as the germanic nature of the W according to previous posters, I, as a scandinavian, would be inclined to read it as "Ghuudr Guhd", Good God. So, Saxon? Thus the w, as a sudden vowel, might have been added to signify vowel length. The R, however, in Ghuudr, makes it look very scandinavian, which is unlikely. In my opinion there are two possibilities, either, as in many medieval manuscripts, an r at the end of a word looks different than an r in the middle of a word (cf. Fabr. 25 2°, medieval manuscript of Sallust), which would indicate that GHWDRGHD is two words, or, as has been pointed out, it isn't an R at all, making the inscription GHWD-GHD. In this case GHWD could instead be God. Just a suggestion, might give someone some ideas.
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Aug 6, 2015