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Nicolas Orlinski
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I'm sure it is a prayer starting and ending with the Sign of the Cross. I agree with those who mean ND is for Noster Dominus/Deus. I believe X is for Christ from Greek. One of my comerades, a forum user at , Quincunx1, wrote that DXO is written twice and I believe it means Dominus Xristus Omnipotens - the Almighty. The last frase can be Dominus Xristus Omnipotens, Rex Victor Immortalis - the Almighty Lord Christ, Victorious and Undeadly King. Are you sure that there is a W and not an M upside down? Quincunx1 is not sure if the middle part is CHMDVCH or CHMDRCH or CHMDNCH which could make more sense than CHWDRGH. @ ejaenicke: This is not a Maltese Cross anywhere, it is a common Greek Cross.
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Aug 9, 2015