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First - I would consider all of the "X" to be word/phrase breaks. Secondly, the last section I would treat as a 'signature block". With an engraving like this, I would guess that it was presented to someone as a reward for exceptional service. Since the letter W is not used in the Latin alphabet it is likely a proper noun (possibly a location). While this is early than the supposed time frame this sword was produced, a possible example would be that the signature ORVI could be a reference to Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor (1198-1215) who was also the only German King from the House of Welf (HF). ORIV could be Otto Regum/Regus/etc the Fourth - the person who presented the sword - or possibly a sword for himself. The sword style is in-line with those produced in the early 13th Century. Just a couple of thoughts to chew on.
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Aug 10, 2015