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First of all, we need to understand, that several medieval manuscripts uses for the name of Christ first greek letters, like XPUS = Christus (XPUM=Christum). N-DXO-X-GH-WDR(A?)-GH-DXO-RVI N - "Nomine" or "nostrum" DXO - Domine Xpe Omnipotens = Domine Christe omnipotens (from medieval Oration: "Domine Christe, deus omnipotens") X - I do not know native latine words strating from X. But it is possible, that this is "first sounds letter" from word like "exoratio" or "exalto". GH - Gloria et Honor (honos) = Gloria and Honour WDR(A?N?) - maybe this is "mihi" and first letters of knight's name R - possible "Redemptor" or "Rex" V - "vivit" or "vivorum", but better: "vincit". I - possible "inimicus" - enemies (or Immortalis) So, this inscription is means something like: "(in the) Name of Lord Crist almighty (I) ask glory and honour for me (NN), Lord Christ almighty Redeemer (who) alive..." The end is possible to be: "... Domine Christe Omnipotens Rex vincit inimicus" (Lord Christ Almighty win(s) enemies). Or better: DXO-RVI is the paraphrase from "Christus vinsit Christus regnat Christus imperat" - Regnat-Vinsit-Imperat = RVI Nostrum Domine Christe Omnipotens eXaltavit Gloria et Honori WD(?) Glorios et Honos Dominus Christus Omnipotens Regnat Vincit Imperat
Alpine inscription is easy to read: BENE-DOXO-FTIS-SCS-DIC-EC-MTINIUSCS-DNI BENEDictemus DOmine (X)Christe Omnipotens FTIS - Fraternitis? SanCtuS Domine Iesu Christe EC-ECCE MarTINIUS SanCtuS DNI-DomiNI
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Aug 10, 2015