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How can Tesla have had P95 HEPA filters since 2016 but Volvo can go ahead and say it is world first?
It would be helpful if these stories did not get published without some kind of cycle life data. We are interested in car batteries and their are a lot of criteria a car battery needs to meet including thousands of cycles, c rate for charging, costs.
Compared to a gasoline station, a high powered ev station is very reasonable
OPEC is the low cost producer so if they want to "control" the cost they can lower prices. If their prices go too high frackers and tar sand become viable. The net result is everybody watches OPEC and adjusts their price. The real question is did renewables cause the glut that forced OPEC's to lower prices? Renewables only need a few percent of the market to become spoilers.
The current growth rate of renewables will only accelerate if oil prices go up! Some are already arguing the reason for declining oil costs is real competition from renewables. USA nearly double our renewables in 2014.
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Aug 12, 2015