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Sage McCormick
My adventures are afoot!
Interests: Reading, writing, singing, dancing, kayaking, white-water rafting, drawing/painting, languages, world affairs, dogs, hiking, backpacking, shoes, and food.
Recent Activity
I can't help quoting one of my favourite televisio... Continue reading
One thing I think a lot of study abroad students overlook in our study abroad experiences is, if we are fortunate enough, the host family experience. It's not that this aspect of our time abroad is insignificant, nor is it necessarily a forgettable part of it. I think a lot... Continue reading
So what did I do on this mysterious weekend I eluded you about? I had only just had my first week of classes, but the CIEE program had decided to send us on a weekend trip. There were four weekend trips, and I went on the one to Suzhou and... Continue reading
I might be making the biggest understatement in th... Continue reading
Hello everyone! Or should I say, 大家好! For those of... Continue reading
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Aug 20, 2015