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Washington, DC
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Maybe ask how likely voters are to vote for their candidate. Something like "I will absolutely be going to vote for my candidate" or "I prefer my candidate to win, however I don't plan on voting." Like a range from uncommitted to definitely voting for their choice. I'm sure you can word it much better than I just did lol
You should poll Hillary and the GOP versus a hypothetical Obama third term and Bill Clinton third term. So Obama vs Hillary for primary... and GOP vs Obama. As well as Bill Clinton vs Hillary Clinton for primary and Bill Clinton vs GOP.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2015 on Iowa Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
Please drop Biden from the poll... he has had his time to announce, only release a REALISTIC view of the race in New Hampshire. Also ask whether a candidate supporting legalizing pot will make the voter more or less likely to vote for them.
Can you please poll the ACTUAL candidates for President in Iowa. Not speculation. I want to know what the REAL state of the race is amongst declared candidates. So no Lawrence Lessig or Joe Biden.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2015 on Iowa Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
How much do South Carolinians care about Hillary's email situation? Should Joe Biden get in the race?
Ask the country if they approve or disapprove of same sex marriage. Will be interesting to see how the nation as a whole has evolved since the Supreme Court ruling. Also when talking about the Democratic race, ask if Hillary's email situation will influence their vote at all/how important it is to Democrats.
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Aug 25, 2015