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poop Fisher
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It's not that we to hate see forced sex, it's that we want it to be gone all together. Send off all the straight men who do gay porn for simply a "check" off to another island for all I care.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2015 on The str8 side of Gay Hoopla at MEN of PORN
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You say things like "I've been with men, but it didn't work" but you didn't even date that girl you were in a relationship with past 5 years. What do you call that? Seems like you're mentally dysfunctional to me. You can't even hold a relationship with a MAN or WOMAN. Figure your shit out.
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But to all the gay-for-pay performers who use that 'Straight' persona to leeway their halfass performance which is MOST G4P perfomers. Granted, I've seen terrible porn consisting of actual gay men but not as much as the G4P performers.
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When you say you're bi-sexual and nothing on a man attracts you unless he has a 'Nice dick' is completely shallow. But to each it's own, live your life.
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You hit the nail with this one...we think alike. I honestly don't get how these hoochie mamas can let another human being regardless of gender even touch their signficant other. I would've broken up with Blake knowing he likes getting dicked down. These girls are really turning into maneuverable ragdolls and it's sad.
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I completely agree, I am so tired of the inauthenticty of the whole porn thing. Considering that this man has a girlfriend and is so dick hungry really comes down hard in such a confusing way. I don't get it. It will be pretty hard to watch his films now. Yuck.
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Aug 28, 2015