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Great Post. To add onto your point, I believe every religion, race, creed or group of people all have their bad representations: The few evil or dishonorable people who make a bad name for the rest of the religion or race. For White people it's rednecks or the KKK, Muslims it's terrorists, Hispanics and Blacks have gang members and drug dealers. The list goes on. I think every couple of years/decades society chooses a group of people to corner, alienate, and hate, whether there being a catalyst or the hate is just manufactured. For my whole life, or at least the last 15 years of it, the victim of society has been my people: Muslims. I was 4 years old when a few evil Arab guys decided to kill thousands of innocent American people. Those few evil people have killed thousands of people, and have effectively outcasted millions of people. Any Americans of Muslim, Arab, Middle Eastern, Northern African, or even Indian heritage have experienced the cold discrimination and hate that followed the horrendous acts on 9/11. This victimization is not that different from prior subjugation of certain people in American History. In the late 30's and early 40's it was Asian-Americans, in the 19th century it was European Immigrants. I just hope one day we can transcend our unfortunately recurring habits of cruel alienation.
Awesome story, I'm happy you were able to find a haven and community here in Jersey. Also what year did you graduate at BHS? I went to BHS and graduated 2015, I don't remember seeing you haha.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2015 on LGBTQ Program at The Skin of a Living Thought
11/17 Tuesday 11:35-11:50
This was a really interesting video. The speaker is really excellent at weaving humor into his lecture and keeping the audience's attention. I agree with what he's saying, gender equality is best for everyone; because that's what it is: equality. Naturally, equality is beneficial for everyone involved. My favorite part of the video is the bit about the quote "A black woman took my Job" and how he questions the "my" part of the phrase. Entitlement is a huge factor interwoven into patriarchy and perceived male dominance. A lot of guys, regardless of race, feel entitled to being treated a special way. Now, this entitlement does not only plague the male state of mind, I have certainly observed entitlement in women as well. Let me precede my next point by saying that I am a full-fledged supporter of gender and race equality. I do not condone belittlement of any people, especially not women. But, in my experience, I have seen lots of women attempt to, or effectively, use their womanhood (for lack of a better word) as a means of getting things or receiving special treatment. This upsets me. There is a perceived male weakness to women/sex and I have noticed women pander to it, both in real life and in movies or TV. In countless cliche movies and shows I see women using their sexuality to subdue or pull one over on a man. In real life, I have seen this a bunch as well, women cutting men in line and turning back to laugh playfully afterwards, or asking for something and then batting their eyes or smiling seductively while waiting for a response. Also, I have heard many first-hand accounts from female friends of them getting stuff for free/discounted because they are women or have boobs. I believe this use of sex as a means of obtainment is only tarnishing women's image and keeping them from true equality. Now, I do not mean that guys should never do anything for women. I don't think you should hold the door open for girls because they're girls. I think you should hold the door for whoever is behind you, regardless of what's between their legs. Do these favors because we're all human. Don't expect anyone to do these favors for you though, so thank the person that just held the door for you. Don't accept the help and show no gratitude because you feel entitled to it. Just some of my thoughts on gender equality.
Tuesday 10/20 11:35-11:50
Eloquent and accurate, this is a great comment: good job! "If a black person were to have done that to a white child, they would have been arrested and shot several times. Justice would have been served for the dreamers and another injustice would have been added to the ongoing nightmare that black people live in. " I agree with this statement %100. It is a sad world that we live in that a group of people would gang up on a man for trying to defend his son, simply for the color of his skin.
The actions described in "Constructing Race, Creating White Privilege" were ones that worked to bring up the "White" race, while keeping other races down. These efforts led to the establishment of "white privilege", and the falsely perceived superiority adopted by some white folks. These actions also led to what is described in "Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of America". What is described in the latter reading is that illegal and undocumented immigrants in America are being treated unfairly, to say the least. These people who have escaped persecution, disease, and other atrocities that reside in their native lands are subjugated to low wage jobs, excessive imprisonment, and wrongful representation. The truly revolting aspect of how poorly these people are treated, is that they have most likely fled their home countries to chase opportunities and acceptance. To be met with the antithesis of these two undeniable human rights upon arriving to the "Land of Golden Opportunity" is disheartening, to say the least. These two events/phenomenons are related and the latter is a result of the former because the upbringing and glorification of the white race has festered in America to become a sort of hatred for those who do not mirror the image of "a typical American". The internment of Asian-Americans and the lack of opportunity presented to Hispanics in America are both a direct result of the hate-mongering and played up self-righteousness of Early White America. Today, these ties have almost entirely been severed, but the fleeting feeling of white entitlement and privilege is still almost ubiquitous for millions of Americans. I can only hope this feeling will dissipate in the future.
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Sep 2, 2015