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Madrid, Spain
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I've spent most, if not all, of my blog posts talking about the good and wonderful parts of moving abroad. However, as with most things in life, it's not all good. I decided to write a [almost] brutally honest post about what I have experienced as the top 5 struggles... Continue reading
Obviously moving abroad has changed my life in many ways...basically all for the better. I have learned to enjoy life for what it is and find myself doing things that I would've never done in the states. Say Yes to Dessert/Bread Back home, I was all diet and regimen. Having... Continue reading
So I'm actually doing something other than eating so I figured I could write a post about WORK. YAY! But actually, I love it. If there is anything I have done right in my life, it is move to Spain to help teach English to primary students. It's no secret... Continue reading
Oh hey, I'm writing again already, like that girl that you went on one Tinder date with. But this time I promise to actually write about Spain. So, the last month has been amazing and I just can't write down the things I have experienced...yet. I will soon! But for... Continue reading
While thinking of ideas for my first blog post, I initially imagined it to be about my first month in Spain. However, I think my journey to Spain starts way before August 18, 2015. And so, I decided to go through the who, what, when, where, and why of how... Continue reading
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Sep 19, 2015