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Etyere Petyere
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Population drives everything . Population will grow since it is rather instincts driven than intellect Given adequate resources i.e. Food and shelter . This food is was produced by the energy fossil fuels and innovation produced until now . Add some sanitary improvements and a little medical and you also greatly enhance newborn survival odds. That will drive population Numbers exponentially up in linear fashion alongside available resource base . This will go on until surplus energy decline diminishes food availability . Or due to excessive pollution caused by fossil fuels food production diminishes due to fossil fuel pollution caused climate change . Than crash .. also war is an option since it is hard to imagine whole countries laying down and die .. ok maybe India . Yes it has started in little ways already this is just a preview of things to come .. Its all good balance will be restored even if it means humans will have to go extinct . No biggie . In geological or cosmic terms Humans 2 million years is a very short time . In another 10 million years there must be some other sentient folk running around figuring out shit .. That's going to be their time under the sun .. This one is still ours Enjoy yours now here while it lasts
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Sep 19, 2015