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Sophia Harrison
Madrid, Spain
California chica following her bliss in Spain!
Recent Activity
Last weekend, I made my first international trek out of Madrid to the home of Leprechauns, Guinness, and St. Patrick’s Day – Ireland! My boyfriend made plans to travel home to Dublin the weekend of Halloween and invited me to tag along with promises of a tour of his hometown... Continue reading
This weekend, I had the pleasure of venturing out of Madrid to visit the small university town of Salamanca, 2 hours Northwest of Spain’s capital. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, Salamanca’s Old City is a juxtaposition of new and old. Once traditionally built of golden sandstone, granite,... Continue reading
Let me preface this list by saying that I am no stranger to humiliation – I’m clumsy, awkward, and sometimes downright clueless. Anyone that knows me at all knows this, even my new friends here in Madrid (who keep count of how many times I trip on any given day).... Continue reading
Searching for a place to live in Madrid has been one of the most challenging aspects of my transition from the States to Spain. Finding an apartment is a task in itself, and for a chica who has never rented anything before in her life, securing a place to live... Continue reading
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Sep 21, 2015