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Marie-Claude Paradis
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Completed event a few days ago, had Hank. 2 days ago game resets the event for me, I reclaimed Hank. Today I start the game, new content alert pops up, restart the game, Hank is gone. He's locked and it says I have to buy or earn him. Screw that, I ALREADY HAVE EARNED HIM. Fix this, I know I'm not the only one experiencing this bug.
Event was reset back to phase 1 for me as well. I had completed the event though so I was still able to claim Hank, but that's a real low blow to everyone who was almost finished with it, the events are hard to complete, especially for crap temporary rewards. Players don't need to be tripped up at the finish line Zynga! What gives?!
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Sep 24, 2015