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Interests: platinum use in diesel exhaust technology
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Since this news came out the price of platinum has dropped about 8% while palladium has soared 15%, as the headlines have all been about reduced sales of diesels, hence substitution of palladium using gasoline cars for diesels. My take on this is different, and I would appreciate some expert feedback. I understand that in these light diesel engines VW used engine technology rather than particulate capture, as the primary tool. If that technology is now shown to be flawed, won't they have to use more particulate capture and burning, like larger diesel motors, which will require INCREASED platinum loadings in all their diesel cars. And I assume market share for diesels will continue to be unaffected by consumers who prefer efficiency over other criteria, and don't like buying pre-burned gasoline (loaded with oxidized govt. mandated additives) that has significantly lower BTU's than diesel. I drive a MB GLK250 with a biturbo diesel and I get around 40MPG in the mountains of CO. That's a 4400lb vehicle with a 3500lb tow capacity, AWD, 9" of ground clearance.
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Oct 2, 2015